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Ignite Business Academy Scholarship Application

Module 1: Mindset, Market & Message

  • Identify and overcome your limiting beliefs around sales and money so that you can confidently share your value with those that need it.
  • Discover the simple technique to position yourself as an expert to the market you serve, so that your potential clients start coming to you!

Module 2: Marketing Roadmap

  • Discover the #1 mistake most coaches and entrepreneurs make when designing their marketing strategy, and how you can avoid it so that you develop a deep connection with your prospects.
  • Learn how to effectively develop your master marketing plan so that your business has a powerful roadmap to success.

Module 3: Client Attraction

  • Discover the 4 E’s of client enrolment so that you attract more clients and position yourself as an authority in your space.
  • Learn value-driven strategies to get any ideal prospect to experience the benefits of your services before ever having to make an offer so that you can build trust from the start of every interaction.

Module 4: Get Social

  • Leverage your existing communities on social media to generate leads for free so that you can attract clients from anywhere in the world.
  • Learn the #1 mistake people make when generating business through social media, and how to avoid it with a single powerful strategy so that you can identify new prospects
  • Discover powerful branding and content development strategies so that your audience stays engaged in your social feed.

Module 5: Big Ticket Sales Secrets

  • Master the 5 pillars of big-ticket sales conversations so that you build strong connections with everyone you meet.
  • Learn the most important word in the English language to build rapport with your prospect
  • Discover the most effective strategies for building joint venture partnerships.

Module 6: Trust and Conversion

  • Discover the two most powerful strategies to quickly build trust with your prospects and community so that you regularly have qualified candidates to offer your services to.
  • Learn how to design a powerful business model that allows you to support more people, make more money, and invest LESS time delivering on.
  • Leverage pricing strategies to maximize the return on your time so that you can don’t need to always be hunting for new clients.