Are You Leaving 95% of Your Sales On The Table?



For years I’ve been teaching clients and my own sales teams the importance of closing a sale on the first call.

This is because your first conversation is the one where you build the connection, identify the need, share the value and make the offer - placing your prospects at the highest point of excitement.

But the reality is that we don’t close most sales on that first call.

But, if we leave it at that, we are letting people down and missing out of a huge opportunity!


Consider these following statistics from the National Sales Executive Association:

48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect

25% of sales people make a second contact and stop

12% of sales people only make three contacts and stop

Only 10% of sales people make more than three contacts


I think it’s safe to say most of us totally understand these numbers.

We get frustrated, overwhelmed, discouraged, and start to doubt our ability.

But I have great news for you….

It’s not you, it’s them!

The truth is that they are exhibiting normal buying behaviour.


Here are some additional statistics from the National Sales Executive Association:

2% of sales are made on the first contact

3% of sales are made on the second contact

5% of sales are made on the third contact

10% of sales are made on the forth contact

80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact


This means 90% of sales people are leaving 95% of their sales opportunity on the table!

Bottom line, follow-up matters!

So after numerous requests I’ve decided to create:

Follow-Up Fortune: Secrets To Closing The Sales After The First Call

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In this training we will cover:

  • The #1 vital step you need to take in your initial call to ensure you prospect answers your follow-up call
  • How to perfectly time your follow-up so that your client is still excited about your offer
  • Identifying what your prospect truly means when they say “I’m not interested”
  • The simple steps to ensure your competitor doesn’t swoop in and steal the sale
  • The “secret” strategy that my clients have used to close $30,000 contracts and my sales teams have used to create $5.5M program intakes!
  • And much more!

Follow-Up Fortune: Secrets To Closing Sales After The First Call!

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Jeremy S. DeMerchant, Founder & CEO, Permission To Sell Consulting Group Ltd.

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