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Do you ever feel like if only more of your ideal clients gave your business a chance they would see how much you could help them?

Are you great at what you do but struggle to get the clients or create financial success to prove it?

Have you ever looked at your successful competition and thought “how are they so busy, what I am doing is so much better“?

Unfortunately, being GREAT at what you do is NOT enough to grow a successful business. What most business owners don’t understand is that these are two VERY different skill sets.

We want to personally invite you to an intimate event IMPACT to help you to master the skill set of growing your business, so that WAY MORE people can benefit from the great work you are doing.

You will spend the day with 3 Atlantic Canadian Business Experts in an accelerated learning style day; together we will explore the non-negotiable aspects you need to focus on, in order to grow your business in 2016! We will cover sales, marketing, & mindset.

WAIT…before you run away from the business talk; please remember that being great at what you do is not always enough to grow a successful business. You already mastered what you do; now it is time to master the business side of it. We will be finishing up the day with a hot seat style question and answer. This is where you get a chance to ask your #1 burning question about a challenge in your business and get everyone’s support on figuring it out.


Your Life • Your Business • Your Community

Purchase The Video Recording Of The Live Event

Get all six sessions for only $97!

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Janelle Fraser

An inspiring, powerful & risk-taking Naked Leader who fearlessly leads our team to success. She is a world-class personal transformation & business trainer.

Rivers Corbett

Award winning serial entrepreneur, speaker, startUP business specialist and author of "13 Fears of Entrepreneurs" and "10 Insider Secrets all Business Owners Must Know."

Jeremy DeMerchant

International Best Selling Author of "Put Me In Coach", Speaker, and Sales Strategist. Founder of Permission To Sell Consulting Group and creator of the Permission To Sell Academy.

Get all six sessions for only $97!
Purchase The Video Recording Of The Live Event
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Purchase The Video Recording Of The Live Event

Get all six sessions for only $97!

Past Attendees


The Impact NB event and the incredible gold nuggets of information (for personal AND entrepreneurial growth) that I received from all three of these movers and shakers - Janelle, Jeremy and Rivers - was priceless! I'm still processing a week later and I LOVE IT! Thank-you all for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

Denise Ogon

This was my first time attending a start up event and wasn't sure what to expect but the day ended up being very inspirational, enlightening and emotional.

Janelle, Jeremy, Rivers....and all those who attended provided a welcoming, supportive, informative and nurturing environment for a "newcomer" like me who is just in the beginning stages of launching a business!

Karen Lake

There was something really unique and powerful about being in a space with other like minded entrepreneurs! These 3 coaches were incredibly knowledgable and supportive.. They just make you want to get yourself out there and live your wildest dreams! I just want to hang out with these 3 all the time lol

Sarah Forward

Something magical happens when you find yourself sitting in a room with like-minded individuals. Before the event even started, I could feel the energy crackling in the room. Then Janelle stepped up to the podium and lit the room on fire. Rivers and Jeremy fanned the flames and kept the energy going all day. I learned so much at Impact NB. Some of the learnings challenged any former ideas I had of myself as a new small business owner. I know now that I CAN DO THIS and I have a great support team on my side. Thank you for that!!

Krista McGrath


Your Life • Your Business • Your Community

Purchase The Video Recording Of The Live Event

Get all six sessions for only $97!

It was a turning point in my courage to actually start. Knowing that there are so many like-minded people who have struggles just like I do gave me the courage to take that first step and it's really paying off. I'm excited to see what I can create in the next 5 days, the next 5 months and the next 5 years.

Mireille Poirier

...this is where the magic happens....sitting in the room of like-minded individuals- all at different levels of business. As a new business owner, I gained tremendous value- determining my 'niche', increasing my profit margin etc. A room full of support

Leanne Cochrane

I'm super excited to have found the combination of the three of you! I have a vision of what it is I want to offer through my personal training business, and I'm confident with your guidance, I will be able to achieve what I see in my mind, a reality!

Melanie Wamback Lyons
Get all six sessions for only $97!