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The sad reality of business is that many people have awesome ideas and inspiring intentions but never get to actualize their vision, serve the people they were born to serve, and the worst part is that they never create the life style they desire.

Imagine what your life will be like when you understand how to quickly and easily build a business that you love to fuel the lifestyle of your dreams.

When world-class leaders come together, NB is IMPACTED! Rivers, Janelle, & Jeremy are all highly sought after and successful leaders in the start-up community. It is true that there are many things you need to learn to be successful in business and between these three you will get it all!

Rivers will bring you cutting edge marketing and client attraction strategies, while Jeremy brings over 15 years of sales experience, this means you will not only be able to attract your ideal clients easily but you will also be able to sell to them with confidence and integrity.

Are you having any doubts that you will be successful in business?

Not sure you have the time or money to start your business?

Do you have a never ending mental list of concerns and questions?

You can relax and rest easy knowing that Janelle will be bringing you the hottest and most impactful strategies to deal with your inner critic, the doubters, and all the reasons you say you can't do it.

When you attend ImpactNB LIVE you will join a group of passionate people who are determined to create more in their life for themselves and their families.

This full-day, LIVE event will be held at the beautiful Kingswood Lodge in Hanwell, NB on September 26th. Lunch and networking opportunities will be provided throughout the day.

You will learn from 3 of Atlantic Canada’s Top Coaches, how they quickly built business that fund the lifestyle of their dreams!

Spend 6 hours with Rivers, Janelle and Jeremy, who each regularly command $500-$1000/hour for their time. Learn how to leverage their expertise though a proven system that will allow you to design and launch the business of your dreams!!

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Reminder: This special LIVE full-day event with 3 of Atlantic Canada’s top coaches will give you simple system to design and launch the business of your dreams, along with all the bonus mentioned above, for only $147 if you take action right now!

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Victoria Lennox

Rivers is not only a successful entrepreneur, enriching communities across Atlantic Canada with Relish Gourmet Burgers, but he himself is a committed and passionate entrepreneurial evangelist who leads by example by giving back. From speaking in local schools to inspire young Canadians about the importance of pursuing entrepreneurial careers to organizing regional entrepreneurship conferences, Rivers is a role model for all generations of Canadians looking to pursue their passions.

Victoria Lennox, Co-Founder & CEO, Startup Canada
Suzanne Osborne

Janelle’s training and delivery is second to none. After attending her first event, I registered for three more! The theory learned and techniques shared were applicable in real world scenarios and delivered positive changes I was looking for. Since attending her training, we’ve had Janelle do group training sessions and speak at team events to share the skills and help guide participants to realize their full potential and how to define and reach goals.

Suzanne Osborne, Executive Regional Vice President
Heather Sayers Lehman

Jeremy helped me affirm my worth, solidify my pitch, and nail my close. In my first event working with Jeremy I tripled my investment. Working with Jeremy helped me get my products into the hands of the women that need them!

Heather Sayers Lehman, Author, Speaker & Coach, Busy As A Mother

WARNING:  We only have 100 spots available and space will fill up fast so register now to avoid missing out.  This seminar is packed with high quality content and will sell out!