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Welcome to my newsletter signup page! My goal with this newsletter to to send you value on a weekly basis. I want to do this for a few reasons.

   #1. You deserve to rock when it comes to sales, and the tips that I give in my weekly newsletter if applied WILL improve your sales.

   #2. You deserve to have top service providers stay in touch with you so brands like Permission To Sell are at the front of your mind when you are ready for a higher level of support.

   #3. You deserve to stay up to date about the exciting things that I have going on so when something I'm doing fits with a need you have, we can connect right away to determine if we are the right fit to work together.

   #4. You deserve the best or me, and delivering new content to you weekly forces me to stay at the top of my game. This in-turn allows me to better service you at the highest level possible.

   #5. You deserve to be heard, and I love feedback. I want to continue to deliver content that you want to see, so sometimes, I'll simply ask.

So, signing up for this newsletter is win-win for both of us. If at anytime you find the content that I am sharing isn't relevant, you can either email me directly with suggestions for improvement, or simply unsubscribe at anytime - no pressure either way.

Heather's Story

"Jeremy helped me affirm my worth, solidify my pitch, and nail my close. In my first event working with Jeremy I tripled my investment. Working with Jeremy helped me get my products into the hands of the women that need them!"

Stacey's Story

"After working with Jeremy, I gained the confidence to increase the rates I was charging to better reflect the value I offer my clients. My profit has now increased by over 20%, allowing me to focus more on the results I’m providing for my clients."