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You want eyes on your business. We have eyes... lots of them!

Every single day patrons from all over the Greater Fredericton Area walk through the door at Johnny's Gas Bar. Whether it's from the especially low gas prices, high-quality water and ice, or even just a warm cup of coffee, Johnny attracts nearly 500 people/day on average. And do you know what they all have in common? They all look directly at bright 43" screen strategically placed directly behind the sales counter. That's where your business needs to be!

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What People Are Saying

W. Scott DeMerchant

People are always looking for unique gifts, but as a small business, it’s tough to make them aware of what you provide. Having my brand in front of hundreds of prospective clients everyday has significantly increased awareness of my work.

W. Scott DeMerchant Scott DeMerchant Wood Carvings
Johny Khoury

Having my ice and water businesses being promoted right where people are looking while they are making a purchase gives my brands a captive audience.

Johny Khoury Johnny's Ice, Johnny's H2O
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