Services We Offer

Strategy Sessions

  • Risk-Free Strategy Session - $147

    One-on-One Consultation with one of our Sales Strategists!

    Connect with one of our Sales Strategists for 60 minutes, with 100% focus on developing a strategy to overcome the challenges you are facing in your business. You will walk away with powerful tools, and a plan for implementing right away.

    If after our session we mutually decide you are a good fit for one of our programs, your investment will be credited towards it. If you at the end of the session you have not received at least $147 in value, we will gladly refund your investment at the end of the call.

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Digital Training Library

  • Big Ticket Sales Secrets - $147

    Are you tired of working for hours on end, and feel like you are earning pennies for it?
    Do you get nervous about having sales conversations?

    With Big Ticket Sales Secrets learn how to simplify sales conversations and multiply your sales!

    Sign up now and learn how to simplify sales conversations and multiply your earnings!

    You’ll Discover How To:

    • Implement The 5 C’s of Successful Sales Conversations in your business ASAP so that you multiply your sales

    • Instantly build rapport and trust with your prospect to close sales faster

    • Simplify Sales Conversations so they happen easily and naturally

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  • Top Client Attraction and Enrolment Strategies - $147

    Are you tired of always chasing new clients?

    Special Training Reveals The Top Client Attraction And Enrolment Strategies That You Can Use Right Now To Easily Attract New High Quality, High Paying Clients And Make $100,000 Or More In Sales Within The Next 6 Months.

    You’ll Discover:

    • The top 3 mistakes most coaches and consultants make in sales conversations that leave them discouraged and without a sale, and how to avoid them so that you have more confidence and effortlessly enrol new clients.
    • How to position yourself as the expert and go-to person for the value you provide, so that your ideal clients show up on your doorstep begging to work with you.
    • My #1 strategy for client attraction, so that you can quickly and easily attract and enrol high quality, high paying clients.
    • The 4 E’s to exponentially increasing your income, so that you can double, triple, or even quadruple your income in the next 90 days.
    •How I sold $115,085.79 of my coaching products and services in under 30 days, and the specific strategies you can use to do the same.

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  • 5 Massive Mistakes Coaches Make with Strategy Sessions that Leave Tens's of Thousands of Dollars on the Table and How to Avoid Them so that You Can Turn Every Conversation into Cash! - $147

    Are you tired of spending so much time holding strategy sessions, only to find out your prospect isn’t ready or able to invest in your programs?
    Are you sick of having people stand you up, or ask to reschedule your strategy session at the last minute?

    If you’re ready to start spending your time offering strategy sessions to qualified prospects, and multiply your conversion rates, buy now and learn how to start turning every conversation into cash!

    You’ll discover:

    • The top 2 strategies to ensure you are only meeting with qualified prospects so that you are spending your valuable time where you will get the greatest return for your business!

    • How to position your programs and your pricing as attractive to the prospect before you even begin the sales conversation so that you will be able to increase your conversion and your prices!

    • The #1 step to having your prospect look forward to your sales offer!

    • How to avoid the most overlooked mistake when delivering value so that your prospect is nearly begging for your support!

    • How to confidently transition into making an offer so that your prospect never feels like they are being “sold”!


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Online Academy

  • Permission to Sell Academy

    This Masterclass is for you when you’re ready to step up your game. You join a group of like-minded individuals online to learn high-level content and discuss specific implementation strategies over a 12-week period. This allows you to experience a higher level of support so you can take action and get results NOW!  The Permission To Sell Academy is designed with 6 content-driven modules, followed by 6 open-forum implementation calls to ensure immediate strategy implementation into your business.

    Module 1: Mindset, Market & Message

    • Identify and overcome your limiting beliefs around sales and money so that you can confidently share your value with those that need it.

    • Discover the simple technique to position yourself as an expert to the market you serve, so that your potential clients start coming to you!

    • Discover the #1 mistake most coaches and entrepreneurs make when designing their marketing strategy, and how you can avoid it so that you develop a deep connection with your prospects.

    Module 2: Client Attraction

    • Discover the 4 E’s of client enrolment so that you attract more clients and position yourself as an authority in your space.

    • Learn value-driven strategies to get any ideal prospect to experience the benefits of your services before ever having to make an offer so that you can build trust from the start of every interaction.

    Module 3: Get Social

    • Leverage your existing communities on social media to generate leads for free so that you can attract clients from anywhere in the world.

    • Learn the #1 mistake people make when generating business through social media, and how to avoid it with a single powerful strategy so that you can identify new prospects

    • Discover powerful branding and content development strategies so that your audience stays engaged in your social feed.

    Module 4: Big Ticket Sales Secrets

    • Master the 5 pillars of big-ticket sales conversations so that you build strong connections with everyone you meet.

    • Learn the most important word in the English language to build rapport with your prospect

    Module 5: Strategy Session Framework

    • Discover the 4 simple steps to position your prospect to buy with ease.

    • Learn the top strategy to have your prospect expecting a higher price-point, so that you can charge premium rates without dealing with sticker-shock

    • Identify the #1 mistake even seasoned sales professionals make in their sales pitch, and how you can avoid it.

    Module 6: Trust and Conversion

    • Discover the two most powerful strategies to quickly build trust with your prospects and community so that you regularly have qualified candidates to offer your services to.

    • Learn how to design a powerful business model that allows you to support more people, make more money, and invest LESS time delivering on.

    • Leverage pricing strategies to maximize the return on your time so that you can don’t need to always be hunting for new clients.

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Coaching with Jeremy

  • Accelerated Impact

    So you love the idea of a Mastermind, but the academy just isn’t a fit.  So let’s take it to the next level! Not only does this group program include group coaching and masterminding, but you will also be assigned an accountability partner, and your experience will be customized based on your specific needs and goals.

  • Momentum Mastermind

    More?  So let’s take it to the next level- AGAIN! Not only does this high-level group program include 2 monthly mastermind calls where Jeremy and other members help you get clear on your challenge of greatest opportunity, and provide support in overcoming it. You will also get “Jeremy-On-Demand” direct voice and text message access through Voxer  so that your experience will be tailored your specific needs and goals.

  • Exponential Velocity Coaching

    Now you’re talking! This is where you and I connect for an entire hour every single week. This is the highest level of support I can offer my clients. We connect via Zoom meeting, and drill down into exactly what you need to make your goals a reality. Any topic is fair game here. There’s no better way to get results than having a coach pushing you along the way. Bonus: You will also get “Jeremy-On-Demand” direct voice and text message access through Voxer for support on the fly!

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